Dessi Sieburth

Birder,  Conservationist, and Photographer

"Birds have been very important in my life since I was 8 years old. I spend most of my free time birding, teaching others about birds, and doing bird conservation projects."

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Birding  Alaska
Nov 21, 2019 . 7.30 pm
Madrona Marsh Nature Center , Torrance, CA

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-Bluebird Conservation
-Cavity Conservation
-Birding Alaska
-Ethics  in Bird Photography
-Birding San  Blas , Mexico and  How  to Protect our  Migratory Birds

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Protecting our Birds
Cavity Conservation
Bluebird Conservation
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 Dessi Sieburth

"I think local and
global conservation efforts are important, as many of our birds migrate, and habitat is lost globally. Without bird conservation worldwide, many bird populations will further decline and there will be no more birds to see."

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Scientific Publications:
D. Sieburth and P.Pyle, 2018, Evidence for a Prealternate Molt-migration in the Rufous Hummingbird, The Auk, Volume 135, 2018, pp. 495–505 ,

-Bluebird Conservation, Pasadena Audubon Young Birders club, 2014
-Bluebird Conservation,SoCal Bluebird Club 2014
-Protecting our Local Birds: ABA Young birder of the Year 2015,  Pasadena Audubon Society  2015,
-Protecting our Local Birds: ABA Young birder of the Year 2015, Los Angeles Audubon 2015
-Protecting our Local Birds: ABA Young birder of the Year 2015,  San Fernando Valley Audubon, 2015
-Cavity Nesting Birds, SoCal Bluebird Club, 2015
-Cavity Nesting Birds, Ojai Valley Museum, 2015
-Birding Alaska, Los Angeles Audubon Society, 2015

-Birding Alaska, San Fernando Audubon Society ,2016
-Ethics  in Bird Photography, Pasadena Audubon Young birders Club, 2016
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-Birding San Blas , Mexico and How to Protect our Migratory Birds, Pasadena Audubon  Society  Young Birders Club, 2017
-Cavity Conservation , Arboretum District, California Garden Club , Inc,  June, 2017
-Expert panelist for the Pasadena Audubon Society Program: Bird Identification  Quiz, Sep. 2017
-Cavity Nesting Birds, Monrovia Garden Club, February 2018
-Rufous Hummingbird Molt, American Ornithological Society Conference Tucson, Arizona, April 12th, 2018
-Molt in Rufous Hummingbird and the Importance to protect the Mexican Monsoon Region, Pasadena Audubon Young Birders club, May, 2018
  Rufous Hummingbird Molt,Local Ornithology Club in Los Angeles, May, 2018 
-Birding Kauai, Pasadena Audubon Society June Dinner, 2018
-Birding Modoc  County, California and Bluebird Conservation Results 2018, Local Ornithology  Club in Los Angeles, August, 2018
-Expert panelist for the Pasadena Audubon Society Program: Bird Identification  Quiz, Sep. 2018
-Rufous Hummingbird Molt, Western Field Ornithologists Conference, Ventura, CA, Sep. 2018
-Birding  Kauai and Protecting its Seabirds, Pasadena Audubon Young Birders Club, Nov. 2018

2015 to present: volunteer at Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

Ornithological  Research:
February-July 2016: Scientific Research Project on Golden-cheeked Woodpeckers in Western Mexico at Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College working with James Maley, Collections Manager, Moore Laboratory of Zoology,
October 2016 -April 2018, Molt in Rufous Hummingbird at The Moore Lab of Zoology wih Peter Pyle from the Institute of Bird Populations
June 2018 to current: Molt in seabirds with Peter Pyle from the Institute of Bird Populations

Scientific Research Presentation at Ornithology Conference:
-Morphological Variation in Golden-cheeked Woodpeckers,  Western Field Ornithologists conference  in Fortuna, 2016  (co-author  James Maley)
-Evidence for a Prealternate Molt-migration in the Rufous Hummingbird, American Ornithological Society Conference in Tucson, AZ, 2018
-Evidence for a Prealternate Molt-migration in the Rufous Hummingbird, Western Field Ornithologist Conference in Ventura, CA, 2018

 Field Experience
2016 Bird Survey Malibu, CA
 July 2017, Least Tern nest survey (3) with Los Angeles Audubon Society
July 2017, Assisting  Biologists with California Condor health work up at Bittercreek National Wildlife Refuge with
Pasadena Audubon Young Birders Club
September 2017, Snowy Plover Survey at Nicholas Canyon Beach and Leo Carrillo Beach with Los Angeles Audubon
Mar-Aug 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018  building, monitoring and data collectingWestern Bluebird Nest boxes, Los Angeles, CA
Sept 2015 -current: birdbanding at the Songbird Banding Station (fall to spring monthly),  Zuma Beach, CA
March to July 2017, 2018, biweekly raptor nest surveys, Los Angeles, with Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc.
April to July 2017,2018 Snowy Plover Nest Monitoring (4 in 2017, 3 in 2018) with Los Angeles Audubon Society
September 8th, 2018, Brown Pelican Survey ( U.S. Fish&Wildlife, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, California Audubon, Conservacion de Islas) with Diane and Bernardo Alps from California Whales and Wildlife

                              Bird Conservation Outreach
2013, 2014, 2015 Longfellow Elementary School, Pasadena CA, Science Fair
2014 Foothill Progressive Montesorri, La Canada Flintridge, CA,  5th graders, cavity nesting birds
2015 Washington Middle School, Pasadena, CA, Science Fair with Pasadena Audubon Young Birders Club
2016 Delta Kappa Gamma Teacher's Organization , Glendale, CA, Elementary teachers about local birds
2016 US Fish and Wildlife at the Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Barbara, CA, California Condor
September 24, 2016, Leading Birdwalk for Los Angeles Audubon at Orcas Park
November, 2016 Montrose Farmer's Market, Montrose, CA, neighborehood outreach about local birds
February, 2017 Longfellow Elementary School, California Condors with Pasadena Audubon Young Birders Club
April, 2017 California Institute of Technology on Earthday: Cavity Conservation with Pasadena Audubon Society
March 5th, Co-leading a bird walk Frank G. Bonelli Regional Parkwith Pasadena Audubon Society
July, 2017 Outreach Birdwalk: co- leading YWCA  20 girls,  4 to 6th graders, for girls empowerment program with Pasadena Audubon Society
October 28th, 2017 Outreach at Monarch Butterfly Festival in Pasadena: cavity nesting birds, protecting our local birds and information on National Audubon Hog Island camp
December 26th, 2017 Outreach at Farmers Market in Montrose: cavity nesting birds and protecting our local birds
January 26th, 2018 Outreach at Eliot Middle School at Science Night in Altadena, CA
January 27, 2018, Co-leading a bird walk Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park with Pasadena Audubon Society ,
October 2017 to current Millard Canyon Bird flyer checklists, Altadena, CA 
April 2018, Organizing and leading a fieldtrip to Piute Ponds, Lancaster, CA for the California Young Birders Club
Nov. 2018, Outreach Program at the Montrose Market in Montrose, CA. Protecting our local birds: Birds of Montrose
Nov. 2018, Co-leading Pasadena Audubon Society fieldtrip to the Northslope of the San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County

Regional Awards/Scholarships/Grants
2013 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant : Bluebird Nestboxes
2014 1st Place in youth  photo contest at Northwoods Wildlife Center, MI
2014 Western Field Ornithology Scholarship Recipient
2015 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant : WFO Confererence
2016 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant:  ABA Young Birders Camp Colorado
2016 Condor Ambassador special recognition by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2016 1st Place in photo contest in Animals-Wild, Junior Category at Bob Jones Nature Center, Southlake, TX
2016 3rd place Top 100 eBirders in Los Angeles County
2017 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant : WFO Confererence
2017 3th Place in  Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland nature photo contest , youth category, Solon, OH.
2017 2nd place in Top 100 eBirders in Los Angeles County
2018 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant:  ABA Young Birders Camp Avocet
2018 Pasadena Audubon Society Grant:  Millard Canyon Conservation Project, Bird Checklist Flyers
2018 1st Place in youth  photo contest at Northwoods Wildlife Center, MI

National/International Awards/Honors/Scholarships/Grants:
2015 American Birding Association  Young Birder of the Year
2015 1st place in Fieldsketching module in the American Birding Association Young Birders Contest
2015 1st place in the community/conservation module in the American Birding Association Young Birder Contest
2015 First Place International Eco Hero Action for Nature Award
2016 American Birding Association Scholarship Recipient
2016 Second Place in American Birding Association Young Birder Contest photography category
2016 Gloria Barron Honoree Award
2017 National Audubon Scholarship Recipient: Hog Island Teen Camp
2017 Kid Hero for the Planet byTime for Kids Magazine
2017 American Birding Association Scholarship Recipient
2018 Finalist National Youth Activist Award in Environmental & Health Impact Award category
2018 American Ornithological Society Travel Award
2018 American Birding Association Scholarship Recipient
2018 Recipient of John Goddard Prize for Environmental Leadership
2018 Every Day Young Hero, by Youth Service of America
In the News:
American Birding Assocation Birders Guide, Introducing Big Photo Days, Oct. 2014
Princeton University Press Blog, 11-Year-Old Birder Raises Money for Conservation with #PhotoBigDay,  June, 2014
La Crescenta Valley Weekly, Local Boy wins national contest, 2015
Los Angeles Daily News: Stalking the Bluebirds of happiness with the Young Birder of The Year, 2015
Cavity Conservation Initiative, California teen promotes saving dead trees for birds, 2015
The Eyrie, Meet Dessi Sieburth, the 2015 ABA Young Birder of the Year, 2015
Birding Magazine, A Birding Interview with Marky Mutchler and Dessi Sieburth, 2015
Glendale and Beyond, Congratulations, Dessi, on an outstanding show at DIGGS!, 2015
Actions for Nature Dessi: Eco-Hero 2015,
La Crescenta Valley weekly, Local boy receives national honor, 2016
Sierra Magazine, The Oh-so-bright future of wildlife conservation, 2016
Actions for Nature Newsletter, Dessi: Eco-Hero 2015, December 2016
Birding and Technology, CBS news, 2017
Recalling Christmas Bird Counts Past and Present in San Blas, Nayarit, Sonoran Joint Venture, Binational Bird Conservation, 2017
Channel One News: Is Birding the Next Big Thing?, 2017
Time for Kids Magazine: Bird Calling: Dessi Sieburth works on Projects to Protect Birds, April 2017
Los Angeles Times: Bird lovers  get together to see how many species they can identify  in L.A. in 24 hours, 2017
World Parrot Trust Newsletter Flock Talk: LA Audubon : Young Birders, The Red-crowned Parrot by Dessi Sieburth, 2017
Cavity Conservation Initiative, A young man continues to help birds, November 2017
KCET SoCal Connected: Comeback Kids: Saving The California Condor, December 2017
B is for Birds, Sesame Street , aired 2018 HBO kids and PBS, April 2018
Everyday Young Hero: Desmond "Dessi" Sieburth, Youth Service America, May 2018
The Institute for Bird Populations, Contact Calls Newsletter: An Interview with Dessi Sieburth, May 2018
The Guardian Podcast: We need to talk about ... extinction, October  2018

                                          Photography Exhibits
2014--Northwoods Wildlife Center, Minocqua, MI (1 photo)
2014-- Jones Coffee Roasters, Pasadena,CA (1 photo)
6/27/2015, La Crescenta Library, La Crescenta, CA (15 photos)
 8/8/2015, Diggs Gallery, Montrose, CA (15 photos)
12/2016, Bob Jones Nature Center &Preserve, Southlake, TX (1 photo)
1/2017, Southlake Library,  Southlake, TX (1 photo)
2018--Northwoods Wildlife Center, Minocqua, MI (1 photo)

Photo Cards
2017 selected for featured photo cards for Fund for Wild Nature Organization
Pasadena Audubon Young Birders Club
Los Angeles Audubon Society
Southern California Bluebird Club
Western Field Ornithologists
American Birding Association
American Ornithological Society since 2017

Special thanks to all my mentors and to everybody who has been supporting me. Special thanks to Frank and Susan Gilliland,  Norm Vargas, John Sterling, Lance Benner, Kimball Garett,  Mickey Long,  Mark and Janet Scheel, Jon Dunn, Gillian Martin,  Mary and Nick Freeman, Ron Cyger, Peter Pyle, Bill Stewart, Louis Tucker,  Brian Small,  James Maley, Jack Jeffrey , Ted Floyd, John Garrett, Guy McCaskie, Tom Stephenson,  Al Moreno and Linda Leroy, Joseph Brandt, Mike Brady, Jesse Grantham, Walter Sakai, John Birsner, Jennie Duberstein, Stacey Villagon,  Dan Cooper,  David Bell, Darren Dowell, Susan Castor, Linda Oberholtzer, Nils Warnock.
 Photo by Frank Gilliland