The Project:
I build and monitor Western Bluebird Nest Boxes at 3 locations in the Los Angeles Area.

The Western Bluebird is a cavity nester . It nests in cavities in dead trees. Woodpeckers can make cavities with their strong bills and bluebirds use these cavities to raise their young as they can not make their own cavity. Many dead trees are cut down and habitat is lost.  Nest boxes can be an alternative nesting site for the Western Bluebird. However, dead trees are preferred over nest boxes, as they provide important habitat for birds, mammals,insects, and fungi. To learn more about how to protect dead trees go to
Special thanks to my mentor and teacher Norm Vargas and my mentor Gillian Martin. The materials for this project were funded by Pasadena Audubon Society

The Western Bluebird Conservation  Project :
A Great Success

447 Fledglings raised 


(Los Angeles County)

     Bluebird Documentary
  Bluebird documentary part 1
 Bluebird documentary part 2

        Bluebird Photo Gallery

The Millard Canyon Conservation Project

Millard Canyon is located in the Altadena Foothills in Los Angeles County. It has a year-round stream and is home to over 85 species of birds. I made a checklist of  the birds seen at Millard Canyon. The checklist shows photos of common birds and describes important field marks. It also has a list with uncommon and rare birds. I installed a flyer box that I fill up regulary with the checklists. Visitors can take the checklist and learn about the birds of Millard Canyon. I hope people will protect the habitat of  birds when they are learn that Millard Canyon is home to many birds.

This project was funded by a  Pasadena Audubon Society Grant  and Marina Graphic Center, Inc.


" in order to protect bird species, we need to study them and learn more about them"

Golden -cheeked Woodpecker in Mexico

Scientific Research Project on Golden-cheeked Woodpeckers in Western Mexico at Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College working
with James Maley, Collections Manager, Moore Laboratory of Zoology,Scientific Research Presentation atWestern Field Ornithologists 2016. To read more about this project go here:

    Rufous Hummingbird Study with Peter Pyle:
      Is the The Rufous Hummingbird  a Mexican monsoonal molt
    for detailed information about our study please go here:       /Sieburth_and_Pyle_2018_RUHU_Molt.pdf

Fundraising for Conservation Project